Forget Me Not

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I have a lot of symptoms and I suppose you could say even "side effects" with my mental illness. Paranoia, anxiety, depression, mania, hallucinations; the list goes on and on. A lot of people don't see these side effects on a day to day basis. They might notice some mood swings, but that's really the least [...]

Foster Care & Mental Illness

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The following is a speech written and performed by Taylor Nicole, May 2016, in regards to being a former foster child, and living with mental illness. Please subscribe to Taylor's Facebook page to see more upcoming events, book signings, and speeches. You can also watch this video here.  When I was a little girl people would ask [...]

A Sparkly Interview With Jia Howard

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The internet has a new superhero; and her name is Jia Howard. If you haven’t seen Jia’s viral post (click here to read it) I’ll fill you in. Jia was in her local coffee shop when a fellow patron called her a “Faggy Dyke.” Instead of responding to hate with more hate Jia decided to rise [...]

Taylor, The Crazy Girl

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I think people started thinking I was crazy in elementary school. I was pretty unstable from the very first week of the school I moved to when I was adopted. I needed a bathroom buddy, because I was afraid of Bloody Mary coming through the toilet and murdering me. I know every kid was afraid of [...]

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