For a while now I’ve been meaning to share a few of my favorite things. Every month I discover new products that I want to share with my readers, and every month I seem to find new things that make my life better. These are my favorite things I have found for the month of May! Stay tuned next month to find more favorite things and email me if you know a product that improves mental health!


I have found two fantastic products that I am so excited to share with you today! The very first is from one of my favorite companies, MONQ. I could go on and on about MONQ (in fact I have in the past). MONQ is a company that produces aromatherapy pens. Aromatherapy is a great way to improve mental health by trigger your sense of smell to promote relaxastion. or an active mind (and much, much more). Recently MONQ has put out a new line, Feel Nature, featuring three flavors; Mountain, Ocean, and Forest. The idea behind these is to trigger your sense of smell to get you out of your environment and ground you to one of these environments. And they work! Mountain actually gives you goosebumps, with it’s minty taste, ocean tastes like a beach day, and forest puts you in the middle of a beautiful forest. These are great, healthy ways to help calm your brain down I’ve been using them at the beginning of panic attacks, and to help when I’m writing. They have kept me focused, and grounded. I can’t express my love for this product. Personal

The next product is from one of my favorite local stores, Nirvanatastic. I’ve been a longtime customer of this shop, and the owner is absolutely fantastic, and a proud mental warrior. Nirvanatastic is my go to beauty store. Her products have helped me relax a great deal. Her soaps have soothing scents (as well as the rest of her products). There not only a great way to practice self soothe, but they do wonders for your skin. Nirvanatastic has great deals, and is an affordable way to feel pretty, stay clean, and just relax.


A few days ago author Daniel Beyfuss launched his debut book Dual Diagnosis, a collection of essays (some even humorous) covering five years of addiction and recovery. Daniel Beyfuss is an up and coming author with a lot to say about having a dual diagnosis. Often I feel like drug addiction is overlooked in the mental health field; Beyfuss offers an eyeopening perspective, invoking deep thought through poetic words. This is a must have for your library, and a great way to educate people on addiction and mental illness. Check out his book by clicking here. 

I’m always on the hunt for good notebooks. I’m currently in the process of writing four books at once, and I’m always in need of cute notebooks to jot down inspiration while on the road. Luckily, Birch and Poppy has me covered with their new skull notebooks. I always encourage people to write; writing out your thoughts can get them out of your head and onto paper, and really clear your mind. Birch and Poppy is a fun, creative, yet elegant store. Not only do they offer new notebooks, but they also have great ways to decorate your home. Check them out, as they get ready to relaunch and rebrand soon!


I’m always in the market for good mental health wear; I like to support the cause by using my wardrobe! Lucky for me, Schizophrenic.NYC and Sarah Fader have great new products I can add to my closet.

Schizophrenic.NYC has great clothing, often showing ink blot tests. The thought behind this is to start a conversation. I’ve worn my ink blot tests shirts several times in public, and every time I’ve been able to engage strangers in conversation to talk about Schizophrenic.NYC’s mission; to help raise money for the homeless in NYC who struggle with mental illness. 

Not only is Schizophrenic.NYC doing great things, but also writer Sarah Fader is making waves in the big apple. Sarah Fader is an inspiration, who recently released her new installment of Stigma Fighters, as well as being the brain behind the hashtag #ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike. Sarah Fader has great, new merchandise in her store, from her airplane mode shirts to her anxious homie bracelets. Check her out, and get ready for big things coming from her!